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Annual B2B meeting for pharmaceutical manufacturers, cosmetics producers and suppliers from both industry - let's meet in Poland!

Traditionally, we have the pleasure to invite you to participate in the subsequent edition of the Congress of Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry. This year, jointly with the Honorary Host – AFLOFARM FARMACJA POLSKA Sp. z o.o. and DELIA COSMETICS on 07-09 November 2017 we invite you to Hotel Ambasador Premium**** in Łódź to the annual B2B meeting of pharmaceutical manufacturers, cosmetics producers and suppliers from pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

The program includes, among others:

  • substantive lectures for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, taking place in two separate conference rooms, 
  • fairs of suppliers and firms providing services for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries,
  • festive Evening Gala which is an ideal occasion to integrate the industry, 

The meeting is addressed at:

  • owners and presidents of the firms producing drugs or cosmetics,
  • directors of production; technologists, employees of R&D departments, quality control departments, development of packaging departments and decision makers in the purchasing departments, suppliers of pharmaceutical and cosmetic andindustries,
  • all those who are interested in pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry.

    About AFLOFARM:

    Aflofarm is a dynamically developing Polish pharma company operating in the health protection sector for over twenty years. Every year we gain an ever higher position in rankings of pharmaceutical companies. Currently Aflofarm is placed first among pharma companies in the OTC segment, with such leading brands as: Herbapect, Rutinacea, NeoMag. Aflofarm is the undisputed leader in the field of modern pharmaceutical technologies.

    Aflofarm is unique not only among phrama manufacturers but in all types of business.

    Aflofarm has for years been one of the most dynamically developing companies in Poland. Its continuous and stable development each year recognized by a "Business Gazelle" award. A Business Gazelle is a medium-sized company which, thanks to its dynamic development, manages excellent performance, even among much larger competitors.

    Year-after-year Aflofarm moves up pharmaceutical manufacturers rankings. Aflofarm holds third place among pharmaceutical manufacturers in Poland for OTC products. A dozen of our products are leaders or in the forefront of their therapeutic class. Aflofarm today is also the number one advertiser in the pharmaceutical industry.

    According to the recent “Rzeczpospolita” Dobra Firma (Good Company) 2010 ranking, Aflofarm is among the 20 most dynamically developing companies in Poland.

    Aflofarm’s position in the pharmaceuticals market is an obvious source of pride, yet at the same time a strong motivation to become even better at that which for years we have specialized in.

    Modern technologies are present in all of Aflofarm’s operational areas.

    Research & Development uses the most up-to-date laboratory equipment for designing products in accordance with the latest trends, as well as effective implementation in the industrial environment.

    Planning for product quality and its subsequent routine inspection is done using analytical equipment that meets the highest global standards.

    Management, planning, and production processes, as well as product design and development are supported by customized, innovative IT systems.

    The widespread use of modern technologies serves to ensure proper quality and lifelong ongoing improvement of products and services to best meet the needs of our clients.

    The technological supply base and experienced staff testify to Aflofarm’s strong position in this area, which can be confirmed by the "Modern Technologies Leader" distinction in the medium-sized enterprise category, awarded by the Institute for New Technologies, Mayor of Łódź, and Łódź Regional Park of Science and Technology.

    Aflofarm’s strategic goal is dynamic product development.

    In order to meet therapeutic needs, in the interests of patient’s health and quality of life, we introduce new products based on the latest knowledge and innovative technologies.

    The process of designing new products is based largely on our own studies. The Research & Development Department employs highly qualified staff, acting as a creative team, motivated to achieve their goals.

    The laboratory is equipped with a full range of modern technological equipment, which enables the development of high-tech products in solid, semi-solid, and liquid forms (tablets, coated tablets, dragées, hard gelatine capsules, granules, powders, creams, ointments, gels, suspensions, syrups, drops).

    We define quality parameters for new products using the most modern apparatuses, with which our analytical laboratory is equipped.

    Documentation for our products meets the stringent formal and legal requirements appropriate to the category. We conduct design processes for medicinal products, medical devices, dietary supplements, and cosmetics.

    We perform design work on new products in cooperation with scientific institutions and experts.

    We also introduce products based on licenses acquired from domestic and foreign partners.

    The Research & Development Department uses a system that is in accordance with standards PN-EN-ISO 9001, BS EN ISO 14001, ISO 22000, EN ISO 13485, BS N 18001 and GMP, while the analytical laboratory operates in accordance with GLP principles.

    Social Responsibility at Aflofarm manifests the desire to provide patients with broad access to modern, effective, and safe products. We strive to fulfil the needs of patients, doctors, and pharmacists by introducing innovative solutions.

    Out of concern for the quality and safety of pharmacotherapy’s youngest patients, we introduced Poland’s first paediatric pharmaceutical medicine that is antiviral and increases resistance – Neosine (inosinum pranobexum) syrup.

    With the aim of improving patient access to safe and effective pharmacotherapy, we were the first to launch on the Polish market the analgesic and anti-inflammatory medicinal product Opokan, tablets, 7.5 mg (meloxicam) in the non-prescription medicine category (OTC).

    Aflofarm's goal is to maintain the satisfaction and trust of our clients. That is why we place great emphasis on the quality and safety of our products. We take full responsibility for compliance with the requirements of Polish law, as well as proven and widely used international standards (ISO, GMP, EMEA). This is confirmed by the certificates awarded to us every year by international bodies:

    All staff continuously work together to succeed in ensuring the quality and safety of products and green activities.

    We constantly improve the qualifications of staff through continuous training, as well as provide adequate infrastructures and working environments.

    We approach our tasks critically; therefore we introduced a detailed internal control (audit) system for products and departments directly involved in manufacturing.

    We are constantly improving collaboration with suppliers and customers to ensure our products are of the best standard.

    To develop the quality and safety of products, we are in constant contact with national institutions: Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate, Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products, Chief Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspectorate, National Labour Inspectorate, Polish Committee for Standardization, and Polish Chamber of Pharmaceutical Industries, as well as with international institutions: TUV Nord, International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering.

    Our products are manufactured according to the very stringent requirements of Pharmaceutical Law, approved by the Pharmaceutical Inspectorate. In modern production facilities, on world-class equipment, under controlled hygienic conditions, we take care in ensuring each package meets stringent quality requirements.

    We guarantee that every medical product is safe for the user, each dietary supplement contains only the highest quality ingredients, and the effectiveness of each Medicinal Product is confirmed by appropriate studies.

    Workplace safety is of considerable importance to us and our employees. We could not, therefore, confine it to meeting Labour Law requirements, but we have introduced effective and innovative solutions. The Occupational Health and Safety Management System we implemented provides us with excellent tools for better risk analysis and prevention of occupational accidents and diseases. Our efforts were recognized by the Central Institute for Labour Protection, which awarded us a Occupational Safety Leader Gold Card, most recently for 2010-2011.

    We are not indifferent to the natural environment. Therefore, for the sake of our future and our surroundings we have prepared innovative solutions based on a world class Environmental Management System. Continuous monitoring of the company’s impact on the environment and the rational management of resources and waste assures the company’s optimum performance in the changing ecosystem landscape.

    We undertake all these activities while keeping in mind the quality and safety of our products, satisfaction of employees and partner companies, and fulfilling the needs of our clients.

    Aflofarm cares about the quality of its products and satisfaction of its customers. Our high quality has been confirmed by the obtainment of certificates for such systems as:

    • EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management
    • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
    • EN ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Assurance
    • Environmental Management according to EN ISO 14001:2009
    • PN N 18001:2004 Occupational Health & Safety Management

    An expression of our concern for the quality and safety of our products is the Integrated Management System Policy we have adopted, which contains our goals and commitments:

    • Integrated Management System Policy in AFLOFARM FARMACJA POLSKA
    • Integrated Management System Policy in AFLOFARM FABRYKA LEKÓW