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Logo Paul Craemer GmbH

Paul Craemer GmbH

Company address:

Ul. Polna 37 i, Post Code05-124 Skrzeszew, PL


tel. +49 5245 43-0, kom. +48 608 635 059, fax +49 5245 43-214



Company design:

Craemer plastic pallets for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry

For industries in which the processing and production operations are particularly sensitive, the choice of suitable load carriers is extremely important for a smooth organisation of production processes and logistics. Craemer offers high-performance plastic pallets and container solutions made from high-density polyethylene. Our products comply with the strictest hygienic requirements and are tested in accordance with the HACCP and GMP guidelines.

Benefits of the Craemer product portfolio:

1. Guaranteed cleanliness

Easy to clean after each trip

2. Maximum hygiene

According to HACCP and GMP

3. Durable and dimensionally stable

Reliable, even after many years of service


Experience, Know-How and product variety

The Craemer Group is one of the leading European developers and manufacturers of high-quality plastic pallets and containers. Founded in 1912, Craemer produced the world’s first one-piece injection moulded plastic pallet in 1967 and is since then recognised as a pioneer and quality leader in the area of plastics processing.

Craemer plastic pallets fulfil all requirements of a reliable, durable and hygienic load carrier. The product portfolio includes pallets in euro, industrial and half pallet sizes for a variety of applications. Furthermore, Craemer offers several options to tailor a product to fit individual application requirements: From anti-slip on the top deck or rims to increase load safety to the integration of reinforcement profiles for added load capacity. Customised printing and numbering or special colours are also available as well as the optional integration of barcodes or RFID transponders.

Logo PPH Paweł Komender

PPH Paweł Komender

Company address:

Żółwin, ul. Szkolna 30, Post Code05-807 Podkowa Leśna, PL


tel. 22 758-94-38, kom. 22 758-94-38,



Company design:

Representative of ELLAB A/S (Denmark). Measurement, monitoring and validation of thermal processes in the pharmaceutical industries. Equipment for temperature and pressure measuring in autoclaves, lyophilizes, chemical reactors, washers, disinfectors, stability chambers, baths, EtO, H2O2, O3 sterilizers (ATEX certificate). F0, P0 calculation. Rlative humidity measurements and sensor for conductivity measurements in liquids. Validated software (comply with FDA 21 CFR, part 11) with 12 language versions, including Polish, covers safe and certified data storing in electronic form, with process report generator.

New: E-Val Pro wired data acquisition system for thermal validation.

Logo Preston Sp. z o.o.

Preston Sp. z o.o.

Company address:

ul. Innowatorów 7, Post Code62-070 Dąbrowa k. Poznania, PL


tel. 618420992, kom. 696 971 900,



Company design:

Preston Packaging is a family run company founded by brothers Filip, Jacek and Stanislaw Karoński. We manufacture solid board unit packages for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

In addition we offer a service that includes printing and folding of information leaflets on low-grammage paper and production of unusual elements made of cardboard (for example holders for ampoules, vials, syringes).

The recipients of our products are both large and small organizations operating in Poland and also across markets within the European Union.

We are certified in ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.  We therefore guarantee that the whole production process take place according to strict rules and procedures. We work on the highly recognized machines brands such as Heidelberg, Bobst and Guk. Due to the high profile of our production demands, our machines are equipped with a range of quality control modules.

We stand apart from our competitors, our high standards both within production and customer services are second to none. We provide individually tailored approach to each client, we offer high quality products and always keep fixed deadlines. As a measure of our level of cooperation, Preston Packaging is recognized as a proven and stable business partner.

Furthermore, we maintain the ability to offer comprehensive service in the field of specialized confectionary services under the regime of GMP (good manufacturing practice), which is carried by our subsidiary Prespack. It offers functional service of repacking, packaging, labeling, coding, security sealing and marking packages of medical products and devices, dietary supplements derived mainly from the EU. Prespack is GMP certificated.

The combination of printing, manufacture and packaging as a “secondary packaging” service, provides our Clients with immeasurable benefits in organizational, logistical and crucially finances. Flexibility, short lead times and competitive prices whilst maintaining the highest product standards are the key principles to our success.